The Importance of Verification

Verification of clients is extremely important, not only for the safety of myself and my clients, but also for the community as a whole. As providers, there needs to be a level of trust to let a man into our private residence, so I will never meet anonymously. Luckily, I have had the pleasure to meet many men that understand this requirement and they are often the ones to fill out my form or email me with full verification instead of endlessly texting with no intention of meeting.

For verification, I like to see an established LinkedIn profile to show that you are a functioning member of society along with a phone number, email and real name. I don’t like to play games so if you mess around by giving me fake information, I won’t see you. If for whatever reason you do not have a LinkedIn, or it is recently created, I will ask for your driver’s license (you can black out the address) and work badge or email from your work account and/or references. I am not flexible on these requirements so don’t try and negotiate to meet without providing your full information. I also will never meet based solely on references, P411 or other such services. See my partner’s post for more details.

As a provider, I can promise that your verification information will never be shared with anyone. It is required simply to protect both you and myself. I’m asking for the same level of trust from you that I am giving when inviting someone into my residence for time together. There have been too many instances of providers being taken advantage of, set-up for arrest or just harassed because they chose to trust the wrong individual. Personally, it is not worth the risk and I don’t want the drama that can happen with unverified men. The safety of myself, my family and other providers will always be my number one priority when determining whether or not I feel comfortable seeing an individual.

Stay safe everyone,


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