My Thoughts on Denver’s Sex Club Scene

In response to the lovely Jessica Jonesing’s post about Denver’s sex clubs, where she disclosed that we initially met at a sex club. This is more on my story of how she and I met…

I will start off saying that up until the beginning of 2019, I didn’t know that Mon Chalet and Scarlet Ranch existed. I had lived a very normal and sheltered life up until this point: It’d taken me a long time to admit that I was interested in women and even longer to act on it. I had met a friend for a drink and he told me about Mon Chalet, and that he wanted to take me so he could see me kiss a woman for the first time. I was pretty nervous, to say the least! I looked over the website and it didn’t seem to be a big deal so we agreed to go. Almost everyone is naked in the pool, hot tubs and walking around, I wasn’t very comfortable with it being such a new experience and wanted to wear a bikini until I was ready — by that I mean filled with “liquid courage” from very strong margaritas.

We hung out in the hot tub, drank, talked and swam in the pool. We got there fairly early for a Friday night so it wasn’t very busy at the time we arrived. Every time a woman came in, he would ask “what about her?” and I said no quite a few times until he let it go and let me just take in the interesting atmosphere. I couldn’t place why I was saying no, I guess I wasn’t looking to just kiss a woman and wasn’t interested in someone’s wife. I also seem to have a “type”, and the women there just weren’t it.

We were in the pool when in walked Jessica, alone and unaccompanied by a man. She had on a long winter coat with heeled boots, hair down and glasses. I immediately stared and watched as she walked across the room. I got my friend’s attention and pointed her out. He smiled and said something along the lines of “okay, what are you going to do about it?”. I had no clue… I was extremely nervous and kind of terrified. I suggested we go in the hot tub then I sat and watched her undress from afar. I didn’t want to be a creeper but I couldn’t help myself… and, yeah, I was kind of drunk at the time. Although I still watch her undress, so I guess not much has changed.

Then she started walking towards the hot tub, got in and sat next to me. I was excited, nervous, and didn’t know what to do. She introduced herself, we talked for a quite a while, we kissed, she took off my bikini and the rest is history.

The whole time I was at Mon Chalet, remember that it was my first time, I never felt pressured. Everyone was really nice and just talking and enjoying time together. I went numerous times after that either with Jessica or new guy friends and only recently was bothered by and experience: It was a busy Saturday night and there were more pushy men than usual that just flat out asked me to kiss me without even introducing themselves. That’s not something I’m into, I want to know who you are first. Luckily Jessica didn’t hear or she would’ve derided them with “that’s my daughter you’re talking about!” or some such quip. Then she probably would’ve kissed me herself.

The vibe is a little 1970s, especially in the rooms but it’s not a deal breaker. The colored bubble lights are fun, the ceiling over the bed is tiled with mirrors and everything is clean. In the main area, there’s a shower in the corner by the pool and two hot tubs and two beds. The porn on the multiple video screens has been recently updated to be more inclusive of everyone. Overall, I like it and will be back. It’s nice to be able to relax in the hot tub without worrying about anything. I know that’s not everyone’s experience but I guess I’ve been lucky.

As for Scarlet Ranch, it’s a much bigger place and can be overwhelming to first-time visitors. It looks like a mountain lodge throughout the upstairs. I would suggest starting with dinner and a drink to relax. The restaurant is really good and affordable and it BYOB with complimentary mixers. The upstairs has the bar, restaurants, pool tables, dance floor and music. Most people hang out and talk while still wearing clothes. They have a ton of themed nights so it’s really cool to see all the costumes.

The downstairs is full of beds, some behind curtains for privacy and the rest just out in the open. There’s a cross for tying people up, a sex swing, stripper poles and giant sexy Jenga. The outside is really nice too with a lot of space to move around. It’s a cool place to hangout but I don’t like the amount of single men that think that just because you’re there as a woman, that you automatically will sleep with them. Even when I would be there with Jessica and we’d be together, we’d still get men trying to join in after we politely declined, some even didn’t take the direct rebuff, touched us, and had to told, firmly, to “piss off”. Jessica’s words, not mine. It’s also mostly couples and single men so for single women, we’re definitely outnumbered and viewed as an objective.

If I had to decided between Mon Chalet and Scarlet Ranch, I would easily go with Mon Chalet. I like the less-pressured atmosphere. I’ve never had to actually tell anyone there to “piss off” at Mon,a polite no has been enough. I don’t like public confrontation in general, it stresses me out and the confrontational times at Scarlet have somewhat turned me off. One man at Scarlet continued to touch himself and me after being told “no” so he received a shove in the balls with my foot to get away. I put the difference down to Mon being an older, more mature crowd. Also the ability to swim and relax without the expectation of a hookup is important to me — if you’re not eating or drinking at Scarlet Ranch there’s not really anything to do. I feel very fortunate to have met Jessica, couldn’t imagine my life without her, and while it’s really weird and somewhat embarrassing that we met at my first sex club visit, it kinda adds to the mystique of our relationship.

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