The below reviews can be found on Private Delights.

Jimmykrackedkorn333 OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: March 28, 2021 Visit Date: March 2021

Very relaxing

I had a wonderful visit with Nikki. She’s very sweet and easy to talk to. Massage was great and worked out some serious knots. She knows how to leave you feeling relaxed and well taken care of. If you’re shy or introverted, she’ll make you feel at home. Look over her website and you’ll know exactly what to expect. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a kind, down to earth and fun provider.

DmanCO OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: December 19, 2020 Visit Date: December 2020

A delightful session, a definite repeat in my book!

Verification easy. Contact clear and direct. Location simple to find.

She is so delightfully soothing, she dealt with my touch of social anxiety so smoothly I slipped into her session without having any troubles. She took care of exactly what I asked for, asking at just the right moments if I had changed my mind about what I wanted (me being hesitant at the start). Definitely in my book as a repeat, and the option to make an appointment to have both her and her female partner together is a future certainty!

TLDR yes, worth the time and money. Don’t miss this sweetie!

eatu55 OVERVIEW: 4.5 stars
Reviewed: September 27, 2020 Visit Date: September 2020

Massage four hands

I had a great morning with Nikki and her partner Jessica. Nikki has the Duet option on her menu so I thought, why not? I’ve known of Nikki and Jessica from twitter for awhile. Turns out it was a great choice and just what the doctor ordered. Nikki is sensual and strong and Jessica is strong and sensual. After a lovely all hands rinse off in the shower, we moved to the massage room. On the table, I was immediately oiled and treated to one pair of sensual exploring hands and another pair of strong experienced hands working on the knots in my upper back. There’s so much that can be explored with Nikki. I look forward to the next opportunity.

randy189 OVERVIEW: 4.5 stars
Reviewed: August 1, 2020 Visit Date: August 2020


Nikki is so nice! She sat and talked to me in her kitchen to get an idea if we were on the same page! We were on the same page from beginning to end!! Will see her again Fairly easy to find her location, and it is not far from Aurora. We were able to talk about lots of things, including some great folk/bluegrass music. Some people have lost the art of talking IN PERSON, but Nikki is not one of them.

wisdom3030 OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: July 18, 2020 Visit Date: July 2020

Great provider

Nikki was amazing, vetting went fast, able to connect within a couple texts. Very clean accommodation, she made me feel very comfortable. Took all my stress away. I got the cbd fbsm, it was perfect. She made me feel at ease. Magic hands. Very nice greeting at the door to leave. I felt very safe and left feeling super relaxed. It was a great way to spend a Saturday. The conversation was delightful and insightful.

Jerrytown5280 OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: June 12, 2020 Visit Date: June 2020

Fantastic visit

Nikki was amazing. Great communication leading up to the appointment. Great conversation to introduce ourselves. Great shower to get started. Great body rub to relax myself. And great finish to send me home satisfied. She’s awesome and can’t wait to see her again! Would definitely recommend her for a relaxing session in the future. Tempted to try out her duet session with her girlfriend – I believe that would be just as spectacular.

Reviewed: May 26, 2020 Visit Date: May 2020

Biggest fan

I’ve met with Nikki twice now over the last week and it has been amazing both times. She’s good at making you feel comfortable and is easy to talk to and great to look at. It started with a shower to warm up with her help to wash, then we moved on to the massage table for a relaxing rub down. She is very sweet and helped relieve a lot of stress. I highly recommend seeing her and will definitely be back.

REVIEW BY rjk8931 OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: May 24, 2020 Visit Date: April 2020

Top Notch Provider

Visiting Nikki is a joyous occasion every time I’ve had the chance to see her. From the moment she opens the door you can feel a deep sense of warmth and generosity. Which radiates throughout the whole length of the appointment. In every facet of the sense she is a woman that values each and every encounter with a client. The sessions are never rushed and you are never treated as a chore. Nikki is very attentive to messages and the booking process is super quick and easy. I would definitely recommend Nikki as a provider to see when you’re in Denver.

REVIEW BY envysfriend OVERVIEW: 5 stars
Reviewed: May 13, 2020 Visit Date: May 2020


Nikki is simply the cutest, most delightful young lady I have met in a long time. She is a woman who will explore your needs and leave you wonderfully satisfied. I can’t recommend Nikki enough. Setting up an appointment went smoothly and she arrived on time. She was so exciting that I finished quickly but she was happy for me to spend the remaining time chatting with her. She offers a true girl friend experience.